May 102013

The Individuals - CDXX (Marijuana Music)Saturday, May 18, at 6pm Pacific, we have the EXCLUSIVE premiere album listening party!

We are debuting the new CD from Chicago’s top 420 rap crew, The Individuals.  The album is called “CDXX Marijuana Music” and contains 18 killer tracks to smoke to.

We’ll be playing the tracks live starting at 6pm Pacific Time (8pm for our Chicago listeners) and we’ll be joined by members of The Individuals in our virtual studio, where you can connect with them through online chat and live call-ins.  The Individuals will pause between tracks to explain the inspiration behind the lyrics and the artistry behind the beats.

It’s music with a message and a group that’s bringing the growing truth about cannabis to the urban party demographic.  It’s fun to get high, but great movements need great music to motivate and educate the activists fighting for an end to marijuana prohibition.

Listen for your chance to win a CD copy of the CDXX Marijuana Music plus all sorts of fun swag from The Individuals and 420RADIO.  And here’s a preview of Track 18 – 420 Situations, featuring 420RADIO’s “Radical” Russ Belville and other prominent marijuana activists.

Even the Romans knew CDXX is time to toke.  Join us on 5/18 for a little 4:20!