May 252013
The Effinays from Dallas, Texas

The Effinays from Dallas, Texas

We are honored and excited to bring you coverage of this summer’s Western tour for The Effinays.  This six-piece band out of Dallas is a solid funky/irie/rock group that strongly supports the end of adult marijuana prohibition.  They have been stalwart supporters of DFW NORML and this summer decided to put even more emphasis on the need for legalizaion by christening it The Effin’ NORML Tour.

420RADIO’s “Radical” Russ Belville has been invited on tour to chronicle the band’s performances and to add his own presentations of marijuana facts and statistics to motivate marijuana aficionados and lovers of liberty.  Get onboard with the rising majority support for legalization by learning how to be an activist while you enjoy some great music from The Effinays.

The Effinays – Effinays In Your Ear

Highlights from the June/July tour will be regular features on the weekday episodes of The Russ Belville Show.  If you are in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Nevada, check out the tour schedule below for your chance to get Effin’ NORML!

6/16 Update:  What a long strange trip it’s been… and we haven’t even left Texas!  We found a tour bus for the first dates, but the mechanics bringing her back to live could not resuscitate her in time for the Arizona dates.  We will reschedule for our fans in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Tempe as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, the band is on the road, traversing Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona for our new first stop on the tour, San Diego, California!

6/17 Update:  …or not.  It seems now our first date in June 20 in Sacramento and June 21 in Orange County.  It’s a developing story, as we say, so instead of constantly adding and deleting dates, let’s just direct you to The Effinays Facebook Events page, which will have the latest tour updates.