May 312013

Radical Russ manning the mobile studio for 420RADIO

We are proud to bring you live streaming audio from the NORML Aspen Legal Seminar!  Our thanks for NORML for sponsoring our participation in the seminar and especially to our Platinum VIPs who donated to cover the air fare and hotel costs for “Radical” Russ and Brian the Red.

We will bring you the seminar audio live and we are also video recording the presentations for posting next week here at 420RADIO for our Registered Members.

Turn on our player for the audio-only feed for Friday and Saturday, including (all times Mountain).

Friday’s Agenda:

9:00 Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance: The Latest Science You Need To Know

9:50 Challenging Profile Stops; A Likely Problem in States that Border CO and WA

10:40 Morning Break
11:00 How To Subpoena Email and How to Block the Government from Getting Your Client’s Email (NOT LIVE STREAMED OR RECORDED BY PRESENTER REQUEST)

11:50 Evidence for the Defense – Hearsay, 404b, and Other Evidentiary Issues

Saturday’s Agenda:

9:00 Immigration Consequences of a Drug Conviction (or How To Avoid Deportation)

9:50 Marijuana Smoking and Child Custody Issues

11:05 Morning Break
11:20 Searching for the Smell: Now That Pot is Legal in Some States, What Constitutes Probable Cause?

12:10 Latest Important Court Decisions