Jun 022013

This was my third trip to Owl Farm, the home of the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. He was a strong supporter of NORML, so much that his widow, Anita, invites the attendees of the annual Aspen Legal Seminar to come up for a cookout party and afternoon jam session.

I had the opportunity to jam once before at Hunter’s, but it was a downpour of rain that day and I didn’t have my own bass. This time, the weather couldn’t have been better, sunny and 70s, plus I had my own bass with me as I joined the house band, The Tourettes, in covers of “Roadhouse Blues”, “Born on the Bayou”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, and “Family Tradition”.

Brian the Red joined me on his first ever flight and trip to Aspen. He fit in perfectly with the assembled reformers and soon found himself in a frisbee circle. He ended up getting Anita’s permission to photograph in the house (see below) and she gifted him a feather from one of Hunter’s beloved peacocks that roamed Owl Farm back in the day.

This is for all you VIP Members of 420RADIO who help pay the bills to make all of this possible. Thank you!