Jun 072013

Fear. Domination. Fear. Power. Fear. Destruction. Fear. Factory! Wow what a night we had in Portland Oregon as heavily known Los Angles based headliners Fear Factory signed to Candlelight Records came to Portland, Oregon to destroy the Hawthorne Theater. Direct and destructive support came from Hate Eternal and new power Metal squad Kobra & The Lotus. With a near sold out crowd on a Friday night, no rain, there would be no way Fear Factory could turn this into a Metal slithering, thrashing zoo, right?

With Kobra & The Lotus leading the charge and Hate Eternal accepting the Death Metal baton, the night was off to an amazing opening. Everyone in the building at this point, even the Security guards was ready for newly focused Fear Factory. Opening the show with tunes like the Title track from their 2012 release “The Industrialist”, old school gem “Shock”, and “Edgecrusher” it completely massacred the memory of the break up between Burton C. Bell (Lead vocals) and Dino Cazares (Guitar) after a mere three tunes. Completing the newly revamped and energized Fear Factory is ex Chimaira bassist Matt DeVries and drum technician Mike Heller and you better know that both fit right in.

Thrashing ahead Fear Factory proceeded to fire off tracks like “Linchpin”, “Powershifter”, and the omnipotent “Recharger”. This is where after 30 years of going to Rock/Metal shows in many venues, myself and Fear Factory had a first time experience. Dude in the crowd and next to me had a snake on his head, on the floor noticed by most, even a smiling Dino. At tune’s end, Dino reaches his Ibanez guitar out and dude shares his snake. Burton walks up and grabs the obviously metal snake, wraps him around his arm with the biggest smile and gives a few words of snake stage fun, as if a zookeeper might have been a natural 2nd occupation al choice for Burton.
Passing the snake back (to the left hand side) it was now time to close this thing out with full force. How about the last three songs of the night from the acclaimed sophomore release “Demanufacture” kinda full force? Not ready to end the night but must, Fear Factory belted out the first 3 tunes “Demanufacture”, “Self Bias Resistor”, and “Zero Signal” to the more than thrilled Hawthorne Theater! An exciting way to close and amazing to see fans thrilled beyond belief as Metal has won another night over.

You can catch Fear Factory on the road throughout the US and abroad summer festivals throughout the year. Look for Fear factory to have a brand new release some time in 2014 and support Metal!

Urb Thrasher