Aug 122013

“We lost a good friend of two and a half years and we almost didn’t make it tonight,” stated front man Mikey Classic about the destruction of their beloved and traveled tour van. Although tragic and a daily hassle to the Goddamn Gallows camp, their stage performance continued to reflect the raw and heavy energy with the stage mystery of death they’re known for. Fresh off playing the ever growing Farmageddon Records Farm Fest and losing former key member Jayke Orvis, the Goddamn Gallows excited Portland’s Dante’s and gave a glimpse of the newer and fresh Gallows!

The band, beginning with Mikey Classic and TV’s Avery in 2002 and now signed to Farmageddon Records, have successfully created an ever forward moving outlaw, punkabilly, western shred style that has resonated with many. Stringing classics like “Y’all Motherfuckers Need Jesus”, “7 Devils”, “Pass the Bottle” and bags of more, the Gallows had complete control of the bottle and the crowd. To be there is to understand the heaviness, obviously influenced by tons of different genres such as heavy metal, the Goddman Gallows, Jayke Orvis, The Pine Box Boys and many other great musicians continue to push this music to new highs.

Gallows drums banjo

Drummer Baby Genius and Banjo shreder Joe Perreze!

Continuing with joints like “Gutterbilly Blues”, “In League with Satan” and more the Gallows stage antics of shooting each other, stealing the crowd’s cell phones, or kicking field goals with beer cans, the crowd couldn’t get eough. In fact, the crowd and the Gallows got along so well, banjo player Joe Perreze and drummer Baby Genius decided to join the crowd with their intruments in full jam, in the pit, too! oh man how heavy is that? Bassist Fishgutzzz could be seen slapping the beast with one hand and giving you the number one sign with his other. Speaking of joining, the Gallows was also joined by lead hoss Brook Blanche from direct tour support band the Calamity Cubes for some fun.

By the end of the night the moral of the story is, if you can’t let go for a night and dance your ass off, then you need to go back and try a Goddamn Gallows show again, don’t quit. I know we’ll be waiting for another jam session and hopefully another visit real soon from the Goddamn Gallows! Good luck on the van, dudes, and thanks for coming to Portland!

Urb Thrasher