Aug 152013

The 420RADIO Crew is here in Seattle, eager to begin the 22nd annual Seattle Hempfest, and the first one to take place where adult marijuana possession of an ounce is legal!

420RADIO 3x2 StickerJoin us online at for our live streaming coverage of Seattle Hempfest!  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will bring you a live stream from Dab Central, our HQ just north of the Main Stage.  Coverage begins at Noon and runs until 7pm.

“Radical” Russ will be anchoring the coverage from the Dab Central booth, which includes Hand Made ApparelOil SlickHappy Daddy, and artist Cliff Maynard.  Joining us for coverage are your favorite 420RADIO personalities, including Cannabis Karri, Ganja Jon, Wiz Kaliko, Brian the Red, Leftwing Larry, Sharon Ravert, Big Daddy Fink, and Urb Thrasher.  We’ll be bringing over as many cannabis celebrities as we can to interview on the live stream, including Danny Danko, Jodie Emery, Elvy Musikka, Subcool, Coral Reefer, Keith Stroup, Alison Holcomb, and so many more.

Hosts from 420RADIO programs and 420RADIO special guests will be speaking at Seattle Hempfest:


  • 1:20pm – 2:05pm – Maj. Neill Franklin on Hemposium Panel
  • 2:10pm – 2:55pm – Cheryl Shuman on Hemposium Panel
  • 2:40pm – Bill Panzer on Main Stage
  • 2:50pm – Urb Thrasher on McWilliams Stage
  • 3:35pm – Michael Krawitz on McWilliams Stage
  • 3:40pm – Rebecca Forbes on McWilliams Stage
  • 3:40pm – Keith Stroup on Main Stage
  • 3:45pm – Cheryl Shuman on Main Stage
  • 3:50pm – Maj. Neill Franklin on Main Stage
  • 4:05pm – Ngaio Bealum on Seeley Stage
  • 4:40pm – Alison Holcomb on Main Stage
  • 5:40pm – Madeline Marinez on Main Stage
  • 5:45pm – Sam Chapman on Seeley Stage
  • 6:35pm – Leland Berger on McWilliams Stage


  • 12:35pm – Leland Berger on Seeley Stage
  • 12:40pm – Serra Frank on McWilliams Stage
  • 1:35pm – Tonya Davis on Seeley Stage
  • 1:50pm – Michael Krawitz on Main Stage
  • 1:50pm – Bill Panzer on Seeley Stage
  • 3:00pm – 3:45pm – Sam Champan, Michael Krawitz on Hemposium Panel
  • 3:35pm – Danny Danko on Seeley Stage
  • 3:45pm – Keith Stroup on Seeley Stage
  • 4:00pm – Jodie Emery on Seeley Stage
  • 4:35pm – Ngaio Bealum on McWilliams Stage
  • 4:50pm – Alison Holcomb on Main Stage
  • 5:00pm – Madeline Martinez on Seeley Stage
  • 5:45pm – Sam Chapman on Main Stage
  • 5:50pm – Sharon Ravert on McWilliams Stage
  • 6:45pm – “Radical” Russ on McWilliams Stage
  • 6:50pm – Rebecca Forbes on Seeley Stage


  • 11:00am – 11:45am – “Radical” Russ, Danny Danko on Hemposium Panel
  • 11:45am – Serra Frank on Seeley Stage
  • 11:50am – 12:35pm – Tonya Davis, Rebecca Forbes on Hemposium Panel
  • 12:40pm – 1:25pm – Jorge Cervantes on Hemposium Panel
  • 12:45pm – “Radical” Russ on Main Stage
  • 12:45pm – Urb Thrasher on Seeley Stage
  • 1:40pm – Danny Danko on Main Stage
  • 2:35pm – Tonya Davis on Main Stage
  • 3:00pm – 3:45pm – Jodie Emery on Hemposium Panel
  • 3:40pm – Jorge Cervantes on Main Stage
  • 3:40pm – Michael Krawitz on Seeley Stage
  • 3:55pm – Alison Holcomb on Seeley Stage
  • 4:05pm – Cheryl Shuman on Seeley Stage
  • 4:35pm – Ngaio Bealum on Main Stage
  • 4:35pm – Madeline Martinez on McWilliams Stage
  • 4:45pm – Keith Stroup on McWilliams Stage
  • 4:50pm – Jodie Emery on Main Stage