Aug 302013

Pigskin Potheads

As we have in years before, 420RADIO is proud to present our free NFL Fantasy Football League competition for our listeners.  Click on the graphic above to join our league (you will have to create an account at comprised of twenty (20) teams in two (2) divisions – the Potheads Division vs. the Stoners Division.  (Or use the handy shortlink  Registration is limited to the first twenty managers and fifteen have already signed up.

NFLOur live online draft will be held Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd, 2013 beginning at 4:00pm Pacific Time.  You should use the How to Draft page to ensure your computer will be able to run the live draft software.  If you are in the Portland area, you may attend the Live Draft Party at RoLLaJaY Studios, 3608 NE 75th Ave in Portland (near NE Fremont & Sandy Blvd) and make use of our office wi-fi for the draft (bring your own computer).

We will be competing week-to-week throughout the first 13 weeks of the NFL Season, followed by our fantasy playoffs in weeks 14, 15, & 16.  We don’t play on NFL Week 17, as many top teams rest their best players before the (real) playoffs.  The winner of our regular season will receive consolation prizes that include 420RADIO pins, stickers, and UrbAge Designs merchandise.  The winner of our championship, The Green Bowl, will win The Stepnoski Trophy, named after former Texas NORML head and Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Mark Stepnoski.  The trophy will be etched with the winner’s name every year (like the Stanley Cup) and will reside with the champion until the next champion is crowned.  The winner of The Green Bowl will also receive fabulous prizes to be determined.

Pigskin Potheads IconOne very important feature of the 420RADIO League is that the team representing 420RADIO, known as the Pigskin Potheads, is made up ONLY of players who have violated the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy (for illegal drugs or performance-enhancing drugs) or who have a history with drug violations from college or off-season.  The list of these players for 2013 is provided below – other teams MAY NOT draft any of these players!

Pigskin Potheads 2013 Draft