Sep 082013


The HIGH TIMES Seattle Cannabis Cup at the Fremont Studios is a raging success.  Perfect Pacific Northwest weather greeted the second appearance of the famous Cup and the first one dedicated to ALL cannabis consumers, not just medical patients.

The 420RADIO Booth was set up and live streaming (and is today, Sunday) the event and speaking with various cannabis luminaries who stopped by.  NORML’s booth is right next door and its founder, Keith Stroup, stopped by to opine on the recent events in Washington DC, including the Justice Dept. memo, that have reverberated in the community.  Moms for Marijuana’s Serra Frank came by to discuss the Fight for Lilly campaign.  Our friend Kaliko Castille from Portland’s Brightside PDX Dispensary told us of his grand opening plans in the next two weeks.

We also ventured out to the various vendors in the smoking and non-smoking areas.  Ganja Jon and Adam Hand were hanging with Josh and the crew from Oil Slick.  We ran into Matt from Lush LED Lighting who gifted the show with some of the results of the flowers grown under his new high-output LED lights.  Rick Cusick from HIGH TIMES chatted with us for a while.  We’ll have highlights of all these conversations on next week’s episodes of The Russ Belville Show.

I appeared on the first panel of the event – the HIGH TIMES Social Media panel.  I was honored to be featured with Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts from The Potcast and Bianca Barnhill from HIGH TIMES and Living the High Life blog.  Jen Bernstein from Jen’s Music Stash on HIGH TIMES was our moderator.  We’ll also replay this entire panel on next week’s episodes.

We’ve met many attendees at the event and one theme that kept coming up was the dominance of the dab culture among the weed faithful.  ”710 is the new 420,” they say.  Not that there aren’t amazing flowers to be had here but it seems the hardcore tokers are here to get dabbed out.  Thankfully, it seems more people are becoming aware of safer dabbing, taking smaller dabs and staying hydrated.  I haven’t heard yet of anyone passing out.

The awards are later tonight and our friend Kaliko Castille from Brightside PDX has some entries.  We’ll keep you posted on the results as soon as they are announced.