Sep 262013

Oh WHY am I SOOOO cliche challenged?! Seriously, it slips out at the MOST inappropriate moments! My cheeks are still red. I don’t even remember what it was that I was trying to say since they just generally roll off my tongue like slippery ooze.

NORML WomenMy creative cliche started out something about cats chasing tails and sleeping dogs and somewhere in there it ended with a few fleas. And in my foolish attempt to correct myself…think I would just stop there and NOT embarrass myself further? OH, NO not me…couldn’t just say “or something like that…..” and let it go? NOPE couldn’t resist the temptation….had to make it better (or worse you decide). AND because I was SO embarrassed about the look on my friend’s face that I had to OVER CORRECT….NO…..not AUTOCORRECT…OVER correct. WELL HELL! You guessed it…it was an EPIC FAIL….no let me redact that and replace it with HOLY HELL IVA WHAT f@#! WERE YOU ACTUALLY TRYING TO SAY?…So what did I say that has gotten me SO embarrassed that I would post this on my Facebook page?????You will have to tune in to A Different View, returning SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th at 2PM, on to find out what backwards cliche I said. OH and I am sure there will be plenty more episodes of my attempts to use a cliche…I am kinda known for it!

Jennifer Alexander and Iva Cunningham and Super Special Guest Georgia Peach, Sharon Ravert from Georgia Moms For Marijuana and Peachtree NORML are back to lend their voices, raise awareness through education, camaraderie, activism and humor. Together we can affect positive outcomes on social issues that affect all women and children as well as our communities and neighbors. Oh and please SHARE!