Nov 252013

Music from 1921-1929 on tonight’s show with a historical look at the rise and fall of Al Capone.

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Linus and Lucy
Charles Hackett – A Song of Thanksgiving (1912)
Byron G Harlan – I Ain’t Nobodys Darling (1921)
Byron G Harlan – Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile (1922)
Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orchestra – Toot Toot Tootsie Good-bye (1922)
Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orchestra – Tomorrow I’ll Be In My Dixie Home Again (1922)
Eddie Elkins Orchestra – Who Cares (1922)
William H. Reitz – Dill Pickles Rag (Xylophone Solo) (1922)
Robert Denning & Chorus – Keep it Under Your Hat (1923)
Clarence Williams – Texas Moaner (1924)
Dave Harman Orch. – Sob Sister Sadie (1925)
Bert Kaplan & His Collegians (v: Arthur Fields) – If I’d Only Believed In You (1926)
Cole McElroy’s Spanish Ballroom Orchestra – Honolulu Blues (1927)
Elliot Jacoby & His Orchestra – Kashmiri Moon (1928)
Ed Smalle & Jerry Macy – ‘Here We Are’ (1929)

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