Dec 172013

We here at the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour and have had an amazingly rocking year and we really appreciate your support – we salute you all. Throughout the year we’ve heard, played, and promoted some great music on and thought we would give a “10 Favorites for 2013” and “10 Bong’erable mentions” for you to smoke on. For me it’s hard to put a number in a competition manner with the following albums and I think we should look at it more as “favorites” instead of a numbered competition. We look forward to 2014 and without further A-Bong, here is our 10 favorites that we’ve heard throughout the year either sent to us by record labels, bands, you, or our own discoveries because that’s how we roll:

Monster Magnet "Last Patrol"

Monster Magnet – “Last Patrol”

One of New Jersey’s finest turned world’s finest, Monster Magnet coming off a three year break blew back onto the music scene with their epic release “Last Patrol”. If you’ve followed Monster Magnet and the many band member changes through the years, one thing has remained consistent, Dave Wyndorf. Dude is a living legend and this release all but cements the ground in Rock with that legendary thought. The tunes have always been driven from psychedelic, LSD driven voids of Territorial space rock and “Last Patrol” takes it on full steam ahead with the added distortion and tricks that only Monster Magnet can puff. (Napalm Records)

Black Sabbath "13"

Black Sabbath – “13”

It’s almost like everything became norml for a change when Black Sabbath combined forces with original vocalist Ozzy Osbourne (Happy 65th Birthday) returning to the old roots of darkness. Unfortunately original drummer Bill Ward missed the session this time with studio drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) and tour drummer Tommy Clufetos (White Zombie) combined to fill in just nicely. The entire album is a riff heaven and speaks of everything you would expect form the legendary Black Sabbath and more. A perfect follow up, only 30 years late. (Vertigo Records and Republic Records)

Clutch "Earth Rocker"

Clutch – “Earth Rocker”

May the beard be with you! One of Rocks finest full of petroleum, drive, grit and as stable as ever, Clutch took the year by storm releasing another Bluesy Rock delight with “Earth Rocker”. Clutch, hailing from Boston and veterans by every stretch of the league, put their classic blues-rock-riffs and original, rugged-soul of Neil Fallon and blew the earth from “Beale Street to Oblivion“. Experience, chemistry, and Rock-n-Roll all paying off as “Earth Rocker” proves enormous and unstoppable. (Weathermaker Music)

Sasquatch "IV"

Sasquatch – “IV”

When I think of Sasquatch I think of woods, mountains, flowing rivers, nature, and distortion! This is Rock-N-Roll with a somewhat southern, stoned flare of excellence sometimes a little fuzzy and we couldn’t be happier for the dudes in Sasquatch releasing their brand new album IV. Always known for their psychedelic fuzz jams and blends of Rock N Roll, Sasquatch seems to have found a way to incorporate the older southern rock sounds in which truly makes for an amazing high. Full of extreme riff-age and 70’s influenced rock, this trio is sure to get some much deserved mainstream love and attention with IV. (Small Stone Records)

Hank III "Brothers of the 4x4"

Hank III – “Brothers Of The 4×4”

As one of the standing pioneers and kings of the Hellbilly Outlaw music scene, I couldn’t have been flying higher over this brand new release. As always going above and beyond, Hank III released a double album “Brothers Of The 4×4” and “A Fiendish Threat”. While both are great and different, (Outlaw to Punk) we’ll concentrate on his return to the outlaw roots with “Brothers of the 4×4”. The album consisting of 16 fiendishly bong-slinging tunes, blends the old outlaw days with a new kinda sin. Hank III gets back in control with “Brothers Of The 4×4” concentrating on outlaw roots and long hard jams. (Hank3 Records)

Bloody Hammers "Spiritual Relics"

Bloody Hammers – “Spiritual Relics”

Bloody Hammers has actually been one of my favorite bands for the last few years now gaining attention with their first self titled release “Bloody Hammers”. The band, hailing from Charlotte, NC followed up with an amazing 2013 release “Spiritual Relics” demonstrating the haunting, riff driven, and catchy tunes expected from this very capable band. Tantalizing keyboards with heavy down bass rhythms and cunning-clean vocals drift this band into extreme Rock attention. (Soulseller Records)


Death Angel "The Dream Calls for Blood"

Death Angel – “The Dream Calls For Blood”

SF Thrash Metal has always been the  class of the genre and these speedy metallic thrashers have managed to represent and maintain the vibe. You can look at the cover and tell Death Angel’s “The Dream Call for Blood” is relentless and poised to thrash you to death. The album has all the classic Death Angle characteristics everyone bleeds for – speed, power, excellent guitar work and screaming vocals, but opens to new challenges in a few of the tunes. Prepare to get pummeled, Death Angel’s “The Dream Call for Blood” is a beast! (Nuclear Blast Records)

Lord Dying "Summon the Faithless"

Lord Dying – Summon The Faithless

Normally with my riffs and grooves, I need a little shred to help balance things out, although being a Thrasher the shred usually completes my bowl. But every now and then something comes through and blows the formula out of the Bong and this time it’s Lord Dying’s “Summon The Faithless”. Boasting from the woods of Portland Oregon, this album is packed full of Heaviness and has an extreme potency of dominance setting the stage for Lord Dying to take this to the next level of the Metal world. (Relapse Records)

Motorhead "Aftershock"

Motorhead – Aftershock

One of the bands that made our list by default is going to make our list every year they put out an album and that is Motorhead! When it comes to heavy Rock N Roll, Motorhead is always a sure fire bet and this new release “Aftershock” is an epic example. When stacking Motorhead albums against others, the fair comparison is how does it compare with other Motorhead albums, then you’ll get your universal answer. In this case “Aftershock” completely rules and is as heavy and Rocking as you could ever expect. Lemmy and the boys show no signs of age and we look for Motorhead to have a huge return in 2014! (UDR Music)

Red Fang "Whales and Leeches"

Red Fang – Whales and Leeches

What’s a favorites list without a party? That’s where our next beer drinking, rocking mutants from Portland, Oregon come in, lets meet Red Fang! With their sophomore release “Whales and Leeches” Red Fang has motored up the charts hitting new highs and have now taken to headlining major tours and festivals all over the world. High octane Rock, “Whales and Leeches” combines heavy riffs dug deep into groovy pits of metal carnage, with a blast of stoner charm. We look for Red Fang to continue leading the NW charge of rock dominance in the future. (Relapse Records)

Favorite track of the year:

From the 2013 psychedelically epic “Last Patrol” album by Monster Magnet, the 8th track “End of Time”! A truly epic voyage through time and space, sparking undeniable energy and power! “Smoke you fucker’s out at the End of Time”!

Monster Magnet – End of Time

Bon'gerable Mentions!

Bong’erable Mentions!

Bong’erable Mentions:

  • ASG – Blood Drive
  • Battlecross – War of Will
  • Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness
  • Tricker Diablo – Songs Of Iron
  • Spiritual Beggars – Earth Blues
  • Demon Lung – The Hundreth Name
  • Six Feet Under – Unborn
  • DevilDriver – Winter Kills
  • Jayke Orvis – Bless this Mess
  • Ape Machine – Mangled by the Machine

These albums could just have as easily made our top lists also and are worthy of a spin. It was a great year for Metal, Rock, and Outlaw music and we can’t wait for 2014. See you next year. \m/