Dec 262013

Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink Season 03 Episode 07 “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get(show and tell)”

This is one of my fav shows for this season. i really dig all the tunes in this one. A good mix of dance music from some different funky genres. Funk, Disco, Soul, and some Blues, too. Enjoy -Big Daddy Fink


Season 03 Ep07 Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (show and tell)

  1. Al Wilson ‎- Show And Tell
    Show And Tell
  2. Dramatics, The ‎- Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
    Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
  3. Willie Hutch ‎- Get Ready For The Get Down
    The Mark Of The Beast
  4. Dramatics, The ‎- You’re Fooling You
    Drama V
  5. James “Big Sambo” Young And The House Wreckers – Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree / Funky Booty
    Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree / Funky Booty
  6. Bill Wright – How Can I Hit The Ball (When You Won’t Let Me Bat)
    Absolute Funk Vol. 4
  7. Edwin Starr ‎- Headline News
    Soul Master
  8. Albert King ‎- Cold Feet
    King Of The Blues Guitar
  9. Lowell Fulsom ‎- Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
    In A Heavy Bag
  10. Wilson Pickett ‎- Don’t Knock My Love Part 1
    ‎Don’t Knock My Love
  11. El Dorados, The ‎- Loose Booty
    Loose Booty
  12. Ernie Hines ‎- Electrified Love
  13. Ike & Tina ‎- What You Don’t See (Is Better Yet)
    ‘Nuff Said
  14. Jimmy “Bo” Horne ‎- Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)
    Dance Across The Floor
  15. Bernard Pretty Purdie – What’s Goin On?/Ain’t No Sunshine
    Flying Funk Flying Jazz Grooves
  16. Jocelyn Brown ‎- Somebody Else’s Guy
    Somebody Else’s Guy