Apr 112014

We got Damon from the up-and-coming Portland doom band Stoneburner on the phone and we debut three tracks from their new album “Life Drawing”.

  1. STONEBURNER – Some Can
  2. STONEBURNER – You Are The Worst
  3. INTERVIEW – Damon from Stoneburner
  4. STONEBURNER – Caged Bird
  5. GRAVEYARD – Satan’s Finest
  6. GRAVEYARD – The Siren
  7. Sweet Apple – Boys in Her Fanclub (Official)
  8. Kamchatka – Tango Decadence ( OFFICIAL VIDEO )

We take an Urb Thrasher look at the upcoming Cannabis Cup in Denver, salute José Mangin of Sirius/XM Liquid Metal with some Pantera, and play some interesting selections by six 2014 Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

  1. MACH22 – Don’t You Give Me
  3. Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown 2014-04-04
  4. Pantera – Domination (HQ Studio version W_ lyrics) 2014-04-11
  5. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (Violin Cover by Rachel Barton Pine)
  6. Kiss – Love Gun
  7. Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey
  8. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit feat. Joan Jett (RnR HoF 2014)
  9. Daryl Hall and John Oates – Out Of Touch (Metal Cover by Ntinosrazor)
  10. Cat Stevens – Wild World (Rock Cover by Weekend Warriors)
  11. Linda Ronstadt – You’re No Good (Rock Cover by Van Halen)

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