Apr 252014

“Radical” Russ has escaped from the clutches of The Man in Utah and is back to tell us all about it.

  1. Rage Against the Machine – Fuck tha Police
  2. GRAVEYARD – Satan’s Finest
  3. Urb Thrasher Interviews Jonatan Ramm of Graveyard
  4. GRAVEYARD – The Siren
  5. TESLA – Hang Tough (HD music video)
  6. Pantera – Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit
  7. Goat Leaf – White Of The Eye
  8. DWELLERS – Creature Comfort

Ganja Jon and Bacon Dan join us in studio to dab it up.


  1. Halestorm – Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  2. Joan Jett on David Letterman – Bad Reputation
  3. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
  4. GONGA – Black SabbAth
  5. ASSASSIN’S CREED 4 SONG – Beneath The Black Flag
  6. Rollins Band – Liar
  7. Death Angel – Heaven and Hell
  8. Cannabis Corpse – Immortal Pipes

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