May 192014


Just more great music from the Reefer Jazz Era…

  1. Ada Leonard’s All-American Girls
  2. Jean Brady and Big Bill Broonzy – Knocking Myself Out
  3. Bukka White – Fixin’ To Die Blues
  4. Cab Calloway and His Orchestra – Minnie The Moocher
  5. Sammy Davis Jr. – Boogie Woogie
  6. Glenn Miller Orchestra – Little Brown Jug
  7. Billie Holiday – Stormy Weather
  8. Fats Waller – Your Feet’s Too Big (1939)
  9. Jabbo Smith and his Rhythm Aces – Take your Time (1929)
  10. Betty Boop (Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson) – Dope Head Blues
  11. Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters - Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin WWII 1943
  12. Tommy Dorsey – Dipsy Doodle (1937)
  13. Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra – Woogie Boogie
  14. Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker - Be Bop
  15. Henry Hall and His Orchestra – Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes The Bogey Man

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