Jun 162014
Family For Life!

“Primer 55. Live your life. Fuck what other people think.” Bobby Burns

Bobby Burns of Primer 55 and Murder In the Flesh with more wisdom now!

Bobby Burns of Primer 55 and Murder In the Flesh with more wisdom now!

Sometimes when you live for something and love something enough such as music, it becomes you for life – FAMILY FOR LIFE! That’s the sense I got in talking with Bobby Burns of PRIMER 55 as the band rolled through Portland ‘s Tonic Lounge headlining the Rise and Revolt Tour! The band in good spirits, a little tired, but always ready to Rock, joined local Heavy Metal band’s Ditch Digger, Othry’s, and a few more heavy bands for a night of fun and a walk down PRIMER 55 memory lane.

Portland, riding high these days with a blistering local music scene that’s becoming more and more national every year, was on heavy display even getting a huge shout out from Primer 55 front man and founder Bobby Burns himself. “Portland must have a killer music scene because all the bands kicked ass tonight” as Burns took over the microphone before hitting first note and igniting the band to bust into opening heavy hitting tune Ricochet. Charging forward with the night aloft, pummeling other classics such as “This Life”, “Pills”, and “Intro to Mayhem” while seemingly just getting warmed up, Burns and company had the 55 faithful right where they wanted em, ready to cut it “Loose“.

Bobby Burns peddle board!

Bobby Burns’ pedal board!

One of the joys when going to shows like this is the mystery and unknown (even when you think you know because of the past), like the current status of the band? Who are the members and how do they play? Will they jam the same longtime tunes I know or will we be surprised with new and fresh music? Earlier in the night when interviewing front-man Bobby Burns and guitarist Joey Busciglio, we found out remaining members Grover Norton, drums and Darren Dyskord bass, also combine to make up their brand new band MTF – Murder The Flesh! The next 3 pack in the set gave us a sweet taste of MTF adding “War of Words”, “Fake”, and “Smoked” to the Mayhem. The tunes came off as a little heavier, stripped down to raw meat, with a heavy punk infused vibe. As stated in the interview, Burns comes from a Harcore Metal background, and in MTF it shows. If this is the next story for Bobby Burns and company, bring it 420% dudes and don’t let up, that’s your stage!

Murder The Flesh logo!

Murder The Flesh logo!

Being a professional-touring-musician takes skill, passion, and drive, but interacting with your fans, smiling, and having fun is something that can help define a person. It was absolutely great to see Burns and the band talking, interacting, and down right welcoming fans to the stage and set on this night. This couldn’t have been more evident than when Marc Halverson of the hardcore band PROVEN jumped on stage, grabbed the mic and got “Loose” with the band for the last half of the song! Also including classics “The Big Fuck You” and “Roots” to the monstrous closing 3 tunes, we we’re reminded some bands and tunes will always be timeless and Primer 55 will always be one of those bands.

You can catch Primer 55, aka Murder the Flesh from small towns like Modesto CA to big cities like New Orleans LA, and Atlanta GA, so go see a show. Dates and news is always listed from their social media pages linked below. Keep Rocking dudes and we’ll see ya next time in the flesh – Murder the Flesh!

Primer 55 taking a magic carpet ride in Portland!

Primer 55 taking a magic carpet ride in Portland!

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