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GOATWHORE seizes the moment!

GOATWHORE seizes the moment!

Goatwhore. A band always full of mystery, piss and venom, and sentenced to serve 16 years of Metal devastation and counting, is back like only Goatwhore would be – their way! Slightly hidden in the grand city of New Orleans, Goatwhore brings forth a new beast of terror that seemingly rises from within, and that is ready to pummel the masses. Their brand-new album, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, releases July 8th, 2014 through the band’s longtime label, Metal Blade Records, and it is everything a fan of the NOLA sound and the Heavy Music scene could possibly wish for. Following 2012’s brutal Blood For the Master, this next release has Goatwhore’s Louis B. Falgoust II (vocals), Sammy Duet (Guitars, Vocals), Zack Simmons (Drums), and James Harvey (Bass) poised and ready to take a giant swing at Heavy Metal mastery with clenched fists.

The band has taken to a quadruple battalion of heaviness with an obvious togetherness and understanding of each other that bleeds with a blackened-toned-vibe, and bursts with thrash heavy goodness. Each song possesses a life and feel of it’s own, constricting the speed-blackened strengths that we’ve seen from Goatwhore from the very beginning. With ten distinct and merciless tracks, Constricting Rage Of The Merciless is going to resin’ate with old and new fans alike from all genres within Heavy Metal. Let’s take a bong hit – leave your black-dirty-water in it for this one – and look at the tunes.

Goatwhore & Ghosts!

Goatwhore & Ghosts!

Opening up with a close-fisted punch to your face, “Poisonous Existence in Re-awaking” sets the entire tone of the album and calms your inner soul with its opening riffs and blast-beats of extreme goodness.  The album’s second tune, “Unraveling Paradise,” is nothing different. Opening on point with signature, timely beats, it takes your paradise and breaks it down into complete destruction. Try to keep up if you DARE! The third gem titled “Baring Teeth from Revolt” opens with a riff straight from Motorhead’s bag of schooled genuineness, and feels of fist roots’ traditional Metal and Thrash. Following with “Reanimated Sacrifice,” “Heavens Crumbling Walls of Pity,” and then “Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Death,” which features a metallic smoking musical breakdown, Goatwhore combines their sharp vocals, cultivated riffs, fast drumming, and leftover ash in a way that will pound your Metal straight into shape. The shredding seventh jingle “FBS” adds a NOLA-style, punkish/hardcore vibe to the crushing and spirited, NORML blackened Goatwhore sound that carries the album. Closing out the ten-tune stone of demolished rock with “Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed,” “Schadenfreude,” and “Externalize the Hidden Savagery” with heavy swords and axes, Goatwhore has managed to grow a potent  plant of beauty and destruction.

"Constricting Rage Of The Merciless" cover artwork

“Constricting Rage Of The Merciless” cover artwork

The album is a beast, packed full of heavy musical compositions, and demonstrating the type of shred and power that is deservedly gained from years of living the NOLA sound, and of course, Goatwhore‘s learned wisdom. Ten new tunes of flagrant Heavy Metal prowess, often striking upon elements of brilliance. Whether you’ve always been a Goatwhore fan or are just recently falling victim, there is something for every one of you on Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, releasing July 8th, 2014 on  Metal Blade Records. On a scale of 1 to 10, I defiantly give Constricting Rage Of The Merciless 420 bongs up! A must get for Metal fans! You can catch Goatwhore this summer along with many other bands on the Summer Slaughter Tour 2014. Job well done, dudes \m/!

Urb Thrasher

Constricting Rage Of The Merciless

  1. “Poisonous Existence in Re-awaking”
  2. “Unraveling Paradise”
  3. “Baring Teeth from Revolt”
  4. “Reanimated Sacrifice”
  5. “Heavens Crumbling Walls of Pity”
  6. “Cold Earth Consumed in Dying Death”
  7. “FBS”
  8. “Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed”
  9. “Schadenfreude”
  10. “Externalize the Hidden Savagery”