Jul 082014

420RADIO News for 2014-07-08 (Tuesday)

Today was the first day for legal cannabis sales in the state of Washington.  420RADIO was live at the grand opening of Cannabis City in the SoDo district of Seattle, the only marijuana retailer to be opening today.  National news media and international reporters lined the streets of busy 4th Avenue and a line of eager patrons waiting to make their first legal purchase snaked around behind the building.  Magical Butter’s Jeremy Cooper, in his trademark bright green wig, was third in line and introduced us to Deb Greene, the grandmother who was first in line.  Deb had been waiting since 3pm yesterday and was even interviewed by ABC’s Good Morning America.  Alison Holcomb, the architect of the I-502 legalization initiative that made today possible, spoke to the assembled reporters and thanked all the staff and supporters from the campaign.  Pete Holmes, the Seattle City Attorney, made news when he announced “I’m here to personally exercise myself this new freedom,” – meaning Seattle’s top law enforcement official is buying marijuana.  Russ will have more coverage of the events from today in Seattle later in the show.