Aug 052014

“Under the Portland grey skies, we shall ARISE” Max Cavalera

Some artists transcend their music! Over the years spent with Sepultura, Soulfly and Beyond, Max Cavalera has established himself as one of the most pertinent and original Heavy Metal artists of the last 25 years. Out on the road in support of all things Max, tribe, and metal, Soulfly, along with direct support Lody Kong, found themselves planted at Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre for a night of brutal tribe metal. With their 9th studio album “Savages” released back in early October 2013, and the new super-group self-titled album”Killer Be Killed” released in April of 2014 (both through Nuclear Blast Records), Max has proven to us once again that he never stops, showing everyone exactly why he is a Metal Legend.

Max Cavalera feeling the moment!

Max Cavalera feeling the moment!

The show was incredible, and I loved seeing Max happy, on point, and full of Metal passion! Marc Rizzo on guitar is still a shredder, Tony Campos on bass is an amazing addition, and I’m sure having son Zyon Cavalera on drums gives Max a little more energy. We appreciate and thank Nuclear Blast Records, and Max and Gloria Cavalera for giving 420Radio a little time to chat with Max, talking “Savages,” “My Bloody Roots: Sepultura, Soulfly and Beyond,” fans, and Oregon Legalization. Set list, pictures and interview with Max Cavalera are all posted here – enjoy!

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