Aug 062014

A special edition of Gordon Green’s Music Planet calling for an end to the destruction and death in Gaza. Music for and from Palestine.


1. Memories of a Palestinian Wound – Amal Murkus

2. Love at the Checkpoint – Wallaat

3. Al Kufiyyeh Arabeyyeh – Shadia Mansour (ft. M1)

4. Palestine – Nass El Ghiwane

5. Canta Palestina – Enzo Avitabile & Bottari (ft. Amina)

6. Checkpoint Rock – DAM, Amal Murkus & Manu Chao

7. On Man – Sabreen

8. Fight – Habib Al Deek

9. Paka Paka – Safaa Arapiyat

10. Dal’ouna (On the Return) – Reem Kelani

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