Aug 222014

It’s the waning days of August and that means it is time for the 420RADIO NFL Fantasy League.  We’ve made some major changes this year – are you ready for some football?

The 420RADIO LeagueOLies

Where the media sees just a couple of Steelers RBs getting busted for pot, I see a new couple of draft acquisitions!

Where the media sees just a couple of Steelers RBs getting busted for pot, I see a new couple of draft acquisitions!

The purpose of this league is to provide a competitive comparison of regular fantasy teams against a team composed solely of marijuana-using players who have been caught in college or the pros.  It is a twelve-team league with a four-team playoff.  This year, the semi-finals will occur in Week 15, then the championship will consist of the results of both Week 16 & 17 combined.

League Draft - Monday, Labor Day, September 1 at 4pm Pacific

Four team owners are grandfathered in from previous seasons – “Radical” Russ, Urb Thrasher, RoLLaJaY, and Dustruction.  That means we have eight team owner positions available.  Email me at if you’d like to field a fantasy team in the 420RADIO League.  You’ll receive an email from to login to or create your fantasy account.  Then be ready on Labor Day at Noon Eastern for our live draft.  You can rank your draft selections ahead of time and that will be used to auto-select your players if you can’t make the live draft or you miss your sixty-second pick window during any of the twenty live draft rounds.

League Roster Settings

Each team will be able to field a team of twenty NFL players.  Nine will remain on the bench and your eleven starters are QB, RB, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, K, DEF, DL, LB, DB.

League Scoring Settings

Offense: Rush Yds +1/10, Pass/Rec Yds +1/25, Pass TD +4, Rec/Rush TD +6, 50yd TD bonus +1, INT -2, Fumble Lost -2

Kicking:  Return Yds +1/15, Return TD +6, PAT +1, 2pt +2, FG +3, 50yd FG +5

Defense:  Return Yds +1/10, Tackle +1, Pass Defend +1, Sack +1, INT +2, Fumble Recover +2, Safety +2, TD +6, 50yd TD bonus +1, Block Kick +2, PA=0 +10, PA<7 +7, PA<14 +4, PA<21 +1, PA>27 -1, PA>34 -4

The Pigskin Potheads Keeper Roster

Pigskin PotheadsThis year the team, the Pigskin Potheads, will be pre-filled with the following roster of players who’ve been busted for marijuana in college or the pros.  Note that you will be unable to draft any of these players, so adjust your draft rankings accordingly:

QB: Michael Vick (NYJ), Brandon Weeden (DAL)

It’s going to be rough with only two backups among all NFL QB’s with a weed past.  But given the drama around Geno Smith in New York and Tony Romo in Dallas, who knows?  Also, there really isn’t any connection with Brandon Weeden but his last name… but gimme a break, I need a 2nd QB!

RB: Marshawn Lynch (SEA), Jacquizz Rodgers (ATL), Le’Veon Bell (PIT), LeGarrette Blount (PIT)

Stealing Lynch is going to upset many owners, but a pot bust AND plays in legal Seattle?  Having both Bell & Blount from PIT may be tough on a BYE week, but how can I pass up a Blount?  Also nice to have two Oregon Ducks on the lineup (in the future, any Duck should automatically qualify for the Potheads.)

WR: Kenny Britt (TEN), Percy Harvin (SEA), Dwayne Bowe (KC)

That’s actually a great WR lineup that will get even better when Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon get off suspension.  Seems like pot smoking WR’s are plentiful.

TE: Anthony McCoy (SEA), Fred Davis (?)

If only Aaron Hernandez hadn’t killed a guy… and does it seem like we could fill a whole fantasy team with Seahawks?

K – Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)

He’s still in the NFL?

DL:  Kevin Williams (SEA), Nick Fairley (DET)

Many DL’s to choose from as well, so I went with another Seahawks player.

LB:  Vontaze Burfict (CIN), Von Miller (DEN)

Two of the best players in the NFL in that position.

DB: Tyrann Mathieu (ARI), Adam Jones (CIN)

Can’t go wrong with a Honey Badger and a Pac-Man!

DEF: Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos

Hey, they play in legal states!