Oct 182014

Expand your musical horizons with the monthly variety of great music from around the world with Gordon Green’s Intro To World Music.


1. Pal Norte -  Calle 13

2. Tolou -Badou N’diaye – Etoile De Dakar

3. Dance De Solidaó – Beth Carvalho

4. Bahia – Angelique Kidjo

5. Parasites – Karimouche

6. Tengo Un Trato – Mala Rodriguez

7. Se Ti Avessi Ora – NTÓ (ft. Enzo Avitabile)

8. Antonia – Manecas Costa

9. Indian Wars – Bruce Cockburn

10. Mariposa (En Havana) – Si*Se

11. Relaxin’ at The Moribaya – Kante Manfila

12. Sail – Awolnation


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