Oct 212014
Todd Severin of Ripple Music!

Todd Severin of Ripple Music!

We were excited to welcome one of Ripple Music founders and owners – Todd Severin to the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour. With bands like Mothership, Weed Is Weed, GRIFTER, C.F.A.- Cody Foster Army and more Ripple Music has shown extreme dedication and leadership in a somewhat unsettled music industry! Todd and I talked Ripple Music beginnings, new releases from Weed Is Weed & White Dynomite. We talked about the new Mothership  “Mothership II” releasing in  early November. I really appreciate Todd helping us relay their is much positive going on in the music industry as well and he gave bands great advice on getting signed. The interview can be heard below.

Urb Thrasher

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