May 082015


Enjoy a full show of Instrumental music from around the world, including Brazil, France, Romania and more – this week on Gordon Green’s Music Planet!


1. Consôlaçâo – Baden Powell

2. Shalom – Anima Sound System

3. Mayengo Reel – John Whelan

4. Learning to Fly High – Solorazaf

5. Taqsim Maqãm Nahãwãnd – Omar Bashir

6. Manha de Carnival – Guitar Trio

7. Kfar – The Touré/Raichel Collective

8. Variaçoes em Mi Menor – Artur Paredes

9. Moorea – Gipsy Kings

10. Future Strings – Catherine Finch & Seckou Keita

11. Mi Corazón – Bajafondo Tango Club

12. Theme from James Bond – Fanfare Ciocarlia

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