May 082015


Back for another year of Gordon Green’s Music Planet and the monthly jukebox of great music from around the world, The Intro to World Music Vol. Xl!


1. De Cara a La Pared – Lhasa de Sela

2. Que Dizer Nos – Ana Moura

3. Secret Agent – Toni Allen

4. Corcovado – Getz/Gilberto

5. Cinderela – Fancha

6. 3Ma – Rahery, Sissoko & Maloumi

7. La Manouche – Zebda

8. Quilli Ka Bo – Idrissa Soumaoro

9. Watermelon Man – Poncho Sanchez

10. What Could Have Been – Groundation

11. Felicidad – La Cabra Mecanica

12. Mala Vida – Gogol Bordello


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