May 132015


Take a musical trip around the world this week with another Intro to World Music show on Gordon Green’s Music Planet!


1. Türkü – Erkin Koray

2. Abball’ Cu Me’ – Enzo Avitabile & Bottari (ft. Khaled & Baba Sissoko)

3. The Foggy Dew – The Chieftans w/ Sinead O’Conner

4. Corazon – Bebel Gilberto

5. Kel Akalin – Baly Othmani & Steve Shehanh

6. Port Coton – Zaz

7. Love Is a Losing Game (Demo Version) – Amy Winehouse

8. Primavera – Mariza

9. Como Lo Siento – Chambao

10. Galbi – Rachid Taha

11. Overdose – EXO

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