May 252015
CHIEFS rocks Portland!

CHIEFS rock Portland!

After dropping one of the more prominent Desert/Stoner Rock albums of 2015 titled Tomorrow’s Over (via Battleground Records), it was only a matter of time before the three rockers forming Chiefs would join the live fury and hit the road. Containing 11 Stoner-Groove-Heavy tracks, the album was grown in such a way that left me intensely curious to hear it in a live setting. It’s definitely the “tone and power” that helps San Diego’s Chiefs new release, Tomorrow’s Over, stand out. The question remained — will it translate live as well? After meeting and interviewing front-man guitarist/vocalist Paul Valle, drummer Kevin Michel, and #FlyingV special agent bassist Jeff Podeszwik, I had no doubt this was a challenge the dudes would have no problem smoking to completion. Finally, the “tone and power” burns.

Flying V special agent bassist Jeff Podeszwik!

Flying V special agent bassist Jeff Podeszwik!

"Sharp Shooter" Paul Valle!

“Sharp Shooter” Paul Valle!

Host venue Rotture, a ten year local establishment located in the downtown SE Industrial cardboard-dumpster district of Portland was a spacious place for the deal to happen. A couple local bands opening sets got the night started, while Chiefs held the fire for the final session of the night! Opening track “Buffalo Roam,” off the Tomorrow’s Over album, along with “Ride,” and “Lows and Highs”, set off the “tone and power” spark right away. Founder Paul Valle, who already has the potential to wear a lead foremen badge in the Desert/Stoner Rock world by combining that heavy, clear electric pitch, and bongwater fuzz guitar sound with spirited vocals that ultimately translates to gold, is an excellent lead-man! Toking on with tunes like “Like a Match” and “Peel” gave a great glimpse into the pulse of the guys’ chemistry and musicianship, denoting them as a band clearly in control of every note. I’m not a musician, so I’m only guessing the tracks might not be the hardest to play for the seasoned, but there is something for chemistry, unison, “tone and power,” and the Chiefs guys seem to get that! Closing out the set with album title track “Tomorrow’s Over,” “Vovi” and “Sharp Shooter” left the 30-plus Monday night revelers of underground rock little question that Chiefs rocked the house.

When you’re DIY (Doing It Yourself) and full of the dream, sometimes nothing seems easy, but the most important hit one could take home is to keep on keeping on. “Thanks for coming out on a Monday night! If you like what you hear, support us. Our bus broke down and we’re trying to get it back!” stated vocalist Paul Valle, talking with fans in between songs. In talking with the guys, that’s exactly what they plan to do. They’re already working on new tour dates for summer and fall, even mentioning some new riffage writing as well. It was an amazing opportunity to go out and get a glimpse into the organic talent that is Chiefs. Thanks for the great show, guys, and keep that “tone and power” Stoner Rock heavy! If you’d you like to hear more about the band’s formation, their Tomorrow’s Over release, or how Paul Valle gets that electric “tone and power” sound, listen to my interview with the band by clicking below!

Fun night hanging with Chiefs!

Fun night hanging with Chiefs!

Urb Thrasher

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