Aug 112015

Russ Belville, Owner of 420RADIO and host of The Russ Belville Show, and Urb Thrasher, host of the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour, will be among the dozens of speakers gracing three stages at the three-day Seattle Hempfest this weekend.

  • FRI 3:40pm: “Radical” Russ at McWilliams Stage
  • FRI 3:45pm: Urb Thrasher at Seeley Stage
  • FRI 6:45pm: Urb Thrasher at McWilliams Stage
  • SAT 3:35pm: “Radical” Russ at Seeley Stage
  • SUN 11:45pm: Urb Thrasher at Main Stage
  • SUN 2:45pm: “Radical” Russ at Main Stage

Russ and Urb are also active with the Portland NORML chapter as Executive Director and Deputy Director, respectively.

Follow @RadicalRuss and @UrbThrasher on Twitter for updates from Seattle. Follow @RadicalRuss on Periscope for live video features from the event.

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