Aug 132015
It's just me and about 150,000 of my Pacific Northwest pot smoking friends having a party in the park.

It’s just me and about 150,000 of my Pacific Northwest pot smoking friends having a party in the park.

This weekend, Urb Thrasher and “Radical” Russ are speaking at the Seattle Hempfest. This is the 24th annual edition of the world’s largest protestival and 420RADIO will be bringing you as much coverage of the speakers and music at the event as possible. Follow @RadicalRuss on Twitter for updates and on Periscope for live look-ins at what’s happening in Seattle (phone battery willing).

Here’s the rundown of where “Radical” Russ will be throughout Hempfest as he records the event. Urb Thrasher will be found at Booth #425 (Urb Age Designs), in front of the Main Stage on the water side. (We’re also taking bets as to how many miles Russ will rack up walking up and down Myrtle Edwards Park – send your guess to, closest to the actual miles wins a gift card from Portland Hydroponic & Organic.)

FRIDAY August 14

Noon at Main Stage

  • 12:45pm – Speech: Lori Duckworth from Southern Oregon, victim of state’s last medical marijuana raid.
  • 1:00pm – Music: The Wiley Ones

1:45pm at McWilliams Stage

  • 1:45pm – Speech: Dr. David Bearman, American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine
  • 1:50pm – Speech: Jorge Cervantes, world-famous cannabis cultivator
  • 2:00pm – Music: Mind Vice
  • 2:50pm – Speech: David Rheins, MJBA & MJ Headline News
  • 3:00pm – Music: Samson Gets Me Lifted
  • 3:40pm – Speech: Russ Belville, 420RADIO & Portland NORML

4:00pm at Main Stage

  • 4:00pm – Music: The Wyldz
  • 4:35pm – Speech: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

5:00pm at McWilliams Stage

  • 5:00pm – Music: The Lights
  • 5:50pm – Speech: Alison Holcomb, ACLU of Washington and Chief Petitioner of I-502
  • 6:00pm – Music: Black Plastic Clouds
  • 6:45pm – Speech: Urb Thrasher, 420RADIO & Urb Age Designs
  • 6:50pm – Speech: Kristin Flor, The Human Solution Int’l

7:00pm at Hemposium

  • 7:00pm – Speaker’s Social and VIP Party

SATURDAY August 15

11:00am at Hemposium

  • 11:00am – Panel: Cannabigotry – We legalized, why are we still fighting? – with Dominic Corva Leland Berger, Alison Holcomb, Stephanie Viskovich, Charlo Greene, Cyd Maurer
  • 11:50am – Panel: Hemp on the Horizon – Latest developments – Don E. Wirtshafter Joy Beckerman, Dave Seber, Courtney Moran, Ben Droz

12:40pm at Main Stage

  • 12:40pm – Speech: Dr. Sue Sisley, FDA-approved Cannabis-and-PTSD Researcher

1:00pm at McWilliams Stage

  • 1:00pm – Music: Redwing Blackbirds
  • 1:35pm – Speech: Richard Lee, Chief Petitioner of California’s Prop 19 in 2010
  • 1:40pm – Speech: Ann Lee, Founder of Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition
  • 2:00pm – Music: Gebular
  • 2:40pm – Speech: Brandon Krenzler, CannaDad columnist and father of Brave Mykayla
  • 2:50pm – Speech: Doug McVay, Editor of Drug War Facts

3:00pm at Seeley Stage

  • 3:00pm – Music: Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers
  • 3:35pm – Speech: Russ Belville, 420RADIO and Portland NORML
  • 3:45pm – Speech: Washington Rep. Roger Goodman

4:00pm at McWilliams Stage

  • 4:00pm – Music: Witchburn
  • 4:35pm – Speech: Mikki Norris, Cannabis Consumers Coalition
  • 4:40pm – Speech: Chris Conrad, Court-certified Cannabis Expert
  • 5:00pm – Music: Free the Jester
  • 5:40pm – Speech: Kari Boiter, Washington Americans for Safe Access

6:00pm at Hemposium

  • 6:00pm – Music: Craig John Davidson

6:40pm at Main Stage

  • 6:40pm – Speech: Lee Berger, Oregon Cannabusiness Compliance Counsel
  • 6:50pm – Speech: Danica Noble, NORML Women of Washington
  • 7:00pm – Music: SL51

SUNDAY August 16

10:45am at Hemposium

  • 10:45am - Panel: Medicinal, Recreational and Spiritual Use – Can they co-exist? Don E. Wirtshafter, Gloria Kalteich, Doug McVay, Keith Stroup, Vivian McPeak, Allison Bigelow, NJWeedman

11:45am at Main Stage

  • 11:45am – Speech: Urb Thrasher, 420RADIO & Urb Age Designs

Noon at McWilliams Stage

  • Noon – Music: Iya Terra
  • 12:35pm – Speech: Rachel Kurtz, Portland NORML & True North Extracts
  • 12:50pm – Speech: Cyd Maurer, fired television anchor

1pm at Main Stage

  • 1:00pm – Music: Rik Wright

1:40pm at Hemposium

  • 1:40pm – Ngaio Bealum’s Comedy Show

2:35pm at Main Stage

  • 2:35pm – Speech: Farmer Tom Laurerman, licensed Washington marijuana producer
  • 2:45pm – Speech: Russ Belville, 420RADIO & Portland NORML

3:00pm at Hemposium

  • 3:00pm - Panel: The State of the State: Legalization and medical marijuana in Washington State - Don E. Wirtshafter Kari Boiter, Dr. Dominic Corva, John Davis, Kevin Oliver, Rachel Kurtz

4:00pm at Main Stage

  • 4:00pm – Music: Lotus Crush

4:35pm at McWilliams Stage

  • 4:35pm – Speech: Joy Beckerman Maher, Hemp Ace Int’l
  • 4:40pm – Speech: Bill Panzer, NORML Board of Directors
  • 5:00pm – Music: Sin Circus
  • 5:35pm – Charlo Green, Alaska Cannabis Club and former TV anchor