Sep 162015
"Volume 4" Cover art!

Volume Four” Cover art!

Chief Greenbud in his natural element.

Chief Greenbud in his natural element.

Being a free spirit isn’t always easy, but when blessed with talent, a guitar and a good amount of humor, it does come a bit more naturally. Throw in a bag of 420, and suddenly “natural and free” describes the tenderhearted, cannabis-flavored fervor of Nashville’s country crooning Chief Greenbud. With a storied musical career highlighted by eight Marijuana Music Awards and three High Times Magazine Doobie Award nominations, Chief Greenbud has become a fixture in the cannabis community with his countless performances at big events like Seattle Hempfest, Portland Hempstalk and more. With his musical legacy already established, Chief Greenbud is more than ready to further his dominance in the pro-marijuana realm, one note at a time, following the much-anticipated release of his new album, “Volume Four” (August 25th, 2015).

Combining the folklore of country music with a dab of rock, a naturally-mixed blend of essentials grinds out to Chief Greenbud’s own unique strain of Southern Americana. “Volume Four” begins brandishing first tune “Fire It Up,” followed by flavorful track “iBake.” Chief Greenbud’s tunes are immediately both likable and relatable. He calls out that guy in “That Guy” and after hearing country outlaw-influenced “419,” you start to get the feeling that everything about Chief Greenbud’s musical progression is 100% natural.

Lyrics throughout the album emanate the fresh picked scent of Chief Greenbud’s breezy amusement, balancing a variety of homegrown acoustic guitar-picked flavors. “Volume Four” closes out with a dose of Rock (or perhaps Southern-Americana-Pop-Punk) on tracks “Flower Power” and “Everybody Get High” (which is sure to be the next bar singalong for tokers)! Cannabis music fans of all types will surely want to indulge in the hits found on “Volume Four.”

Two bongs up — because Chief Greenbud always delivers!!!

Urb Thrasher


Track listing:

1. Fire It Up

2. iBake

3. Big Pharma

4. That Guy

5. Smoke It

6. Mr. Unreliable

7. One Thumb Up

8. 419

9. Wake and Bake

10. The No Song

11. Flower Power

12. Everybody Get High

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