Sep 172015

Recently recruited to the “Blackest of the Black” tour, Witch Mountain has long dealt out doom to Portland metal enthusiasts. Last Friday, the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour caught up with Witch Mountain drummer, Nathan Carson, to collect the resinated tour scoop! After releasing “Mobile of Angels” to enthusiastic reviews in 2014, the band announced the departure of former vocalist Uta Plotkin, leaving the bong a bit empty on what direction the band would take next.

What drove Witch Mountain to continue on? How is new vocalist Kayla Dixon working out? Who has the best weed? Find answers to these questions below, plus bonus guest Alex Krokus from Portland’s Serpent’s Caul sitting in to help balance out the smoke. It was an amazing show, and you can catch all the insightful madness right here—check out hours one and two by clicking the links below!

Urb Thrasher


Hour One:


Hour Two:


Witch Mountain Facebook

Witch Mountain Bandcamp

Serpent’s Caul Bandcamp

Photo Gallery of Serpent’s Caul Portland 6/12/15 Panic Room Show