Nov 102015

CannabisRadio NewsAfter three years of running my show on, I am excited to announce that my live-streamed podcast is moving to This is the last episode you’ll find at this location. will announce my new podcast feed URLs as soon as they are online. Follow @CannaRadio on Twitter for more updates when they happen. will continue to exist as a public radio platform for marijuana legalization. I will keep the stream running thanks to 420RADIO VIPs and contributing sponsors. We’ll still run public service ads for marijuana reform organizations and promotions for shows on 420RADIO and Cannabis Radio. You’ll still get the music and activism shows you’ve come to expect on 420RADIO. I will also still replay highlights of my past and future shows here on 420RADIO.

If you’ve got a marijuana podcast you’d like to have in the 24-hour replay lineup of 420RADIO, please send me your RSS feed URL to After all, I will have some hours of programming to fill on 420RADIO when my show has been replaying.

Thanks for all of your support these past three years. Without you, I would never have made it to where I am today. I am appreciative of all the advice, talent, web hosting, programming, and money people have donated over these three years, more than I can possibly express. Thank you.

My show will continue on 420RADIO, simulcast with Cannabis Radio, for the rest of the year. That should give us all enough time for a smooth transition.