Apr 012016
La Chinga "Freewheelin'" cover art!

La Chinga “Freewheelin'” cover art!

It’s up for debate whether Rock-N-Roll ever died (maybe it was heavy metal instead). But when you hear Vancouver, British Columbia’s trio, La Chinga, you realize that apparently Rock-N-Roll is alive and well! Rooted from some deep green forest back in 2012, the band has since been on a mission to conquer fickle hipsters while dealing out high times and spreading their positive, electric jams throughout the universe! With their March 25th release of brand new album “Freewheelin'” via Small Stone Recordings, La Chinga has proven they’re ready to take the Rock-N-Roll world to a fantastic other dimension. The album, featuring 10 tracks of power-driven rock tunes like “Gone Gypsy,” “Stoned Grease White Lightning” and “Right On,” flows like headlights cutting through the darkness of a journey to the heights of space. Packing heavy riffs, timely grooves, and a full tank of boogie lightning, La Chinga members Carl Spackler, Ben Yardley and Jason Solyom will soon be Freewheelin’ to a town near you.

Join us today as we celebrate the release of La Chinga’s “Freewheelin'”! We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long on 420Radio.org! Join us every Friday for a new & exciting “Rocking Friday” artist!

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Check out the video for “White Witchy Black Majik” below!