Jun 082016

MTTMIMG_2948-RockTour life is the next step towards “The Dream.” For 5 dudes from Arizona newly signed to Artery Records, that is exactly what up-and-coming heavy metal act Message to the Masses has begun. Excited and eager, the band joined with “I Declare War” and “AENIMUS” plus a few local bands, igniting the first night of their tour at the Hawthorne Theater in legalized Portland, Oregon. Already riding the clouds from their recent “Means to an End” EP (released in early 2016), Matti, Myke, David Gorst, Matt and Matt Diana on vocals were excited to take the show on the road for a chance to spread their message of heavy metal! If you’re looking for genre labels, it’s probable Message to the Masses leans heavily towards the Deathcore sound, but lending openings to more melodic moments gives the band room for future separation and growth. Already blazing with a dynamic stage presence, Message to the Masses is a band to watch as they destroy many stages nationwide in the near future. Enjoy a few pictures and a cool interview below with Matti, Myke , David Gorst, and Matt in the parking lot about a hour before Portland was gutted with Metal up your azz! Keep the dream alive, dudes!

Matti, Myke , David Gorst, Matt and Urb!

Matti, Myke , David Gorst, Matt and Urb!

Urb Thrasher


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Set List:

Blood and Bones
Open Your eyes


Interview with Matti, Myke , David Gorst, and Matt!