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The Free Dictionary defines revival (n.) as a time of reawakened interest in religion; or simply as the condition of being revived (2016). After listening to their 3rd release, titled “Revival” (Ripple Music), it’s clear that the message Gozu is preaching in 2016 involves cannon-type blasts of rhythmic, heavy ROCK! Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and somewhat previously sheltered in the underground Stoner Rock world, Gozu has opened up their personal sound, expanding Gaffney‘s vocals textures, and adding puffs of psychedelic rock implanted within deeper and heavier riffs, pushing the band’s musical boundaries to reawakened highs. With a growing congregation finally catching onto Gozu’s word, Marc Gaffney (vocals), Doug Sherman (Guitars), and newly-joined members Joe Grotto (Bass) and Mike Hubbard (Drums) will continue spreading their message through early summer with amazing bands like Valient Thorr and Scissorfight. Lookout for Gozu to cleanse your soul and your city soon.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Photo shoot with Gozu, at The Sinclair. Sunday, January 12, 2014.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Photo shoot with Gozu, at The Sinclair. Sunday, January 12, 2014. photo by Tim Bugbee

Join us today as we celebrate the release of Gozu’s “Revival!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long on 420Radio.org!

Join us every Friday for a new & exciting “Rocking Friday” artist!


Urb Thrasher




Ripple Music

Purchase Revival here

Check out the official video for “Nature Boy” below:

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