Jun 242016
Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette - Artwork

“Acid Roulette” cover art!

It’s often said that Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead, but then you hear the captivating, electrified art found on progressive rockers Scorpion Child‘s brand new release “Acid Roulette,” and once again, you’re reminded that “dead” is all in one’s perception—especially when it comes to music! In fact, after feeling Scorpion Child’s vibe, you realize that the very idea of feeling alive is a branded element that has been present in their musical journey throughout the years! Heavily combined with hints of 70s Retro Rock, Stoner Rock, Blues Rock and plenty of Psychedelic Rock, Scorpion Child’s energetic and free-flowing melodic groove has served to guide the band through a congested fog, reaching new inhabited worlds. On the heels of recently exhaled sophomore release “Acid Roulette” (June 10, 2016 through Nuclear Blast Records), look for Scorpion Child to reanimate the “Rock Reapers” out there in a danse continuing through the summer season.

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Scorpion Child

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Purchase “Acid Roulette” from Nuclear Blast Records

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