Jul 082016
"Night Hides the World" cover art!

“Night Hides The World” cover art!

Every so often a new storm looms large, patiently waiting to hit somewhere in the world! Storms, usually callous from within and capable of heavy destruction, also allow for growth following their destruction, refreshing nature with new life. Reigning from legalized Rip City Portland, Oregon, metal purveyors Spellcaster who recently signed to Prosthetic Records, are soon to hit the music world by storm with their brand new album ”Night Hides The World,” released today, July 8th, 2016! Soaked with the traditional values that have made Heavy Metal great throughout the years, namely high energy and power, tasteful melodic structure, brilliant vocals & hooks, strong dual guitar harmonies and riffs to briefly touch on the sacred formula. “Night Hides The World” perfectly encapsulates these elements. Recently announced as direct support for “The Fellowship of Strings” tour (featuring Prosthetic Records label-mates Holy Grail and Exmortus), ‘Casters Gabe Franco, Cory Boyd, Bryce VanHoosen, Colin Vranizan and Tyler Loner are alive and looking to storm your area soon with “Night Hides The World!

Join us today as we celebrate the release of Spellcaster’s Night Hides The World!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long on 420Radio.org!

Spellcaster! photo credit Daniel Cole

Spellcaster! photo credit Daniel Cole

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Purchase “Night Hides the World” here

Check out a great interview with vocalist Tyler Loney! We talked, “Night Hides the World” and it’s origin, touring, melody, and more. Listen in here:


The Fellowship of the Strings!

The Fellowship of the Strings!