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Every year on April 20th many celebrate with a feast of three joints, or something like that. In a similarly symbolic fashion, on December 13th every year there are some who celebrate the Feast of Three Arms, “commemorating the woman with three arms, the man that done her wrong and the son that loved her so!”

When it comes to spoken storytelling, progressive bluegrass, the stench of whiskey, buried coffins, and righteous murder ballads, look no further than San Francisco, California-based horror-grass purveyors The Pine Box Boys! With the scent of death still lingering thick as fog, high times surely lie ahead following the release of their 5th full length album, The Feast of Three Arms, on October 21st, 2016 (LTR/Hollins & Hollins Mortuary Entertainment)!

So who is Parmalene, and more importantly in this case, who is Jubal with No Last Name? When Jubal with No Last Name was called to reckon with the man that jilted his mother back in 1929, would he also encounter who was responsible for her death? These questions are a small glimpse into a murderous tale that resonates within the darker places of your consciousness, perhaps more easily than it should.

“If there are any here, that bear a grudge against a past wrong and if that grudge has left a stinger in your flesh that has worried you all year, you should raise your glass…”

…Or bong, and live the story of The Feast of Three Arms, a storyline derived and extended from previous albums.

When it comes to the music, The Pine Box Boys are at ease combining conventional vintage bluegrass signatures, darkened, guttural outlaw symphonies, and fast-paced string picking with just a dab of punk rock. Born from the grave in 2003, the band’s sound is rooted within a controlled ruckus that explores various branches of the “murder ballad,” giving way to their highly distilled, trademark sound. The Pine Box Boys, led by Lester T. Raww on vocals and guitar, along with Alex “Possum” Carvidi on banjo and keys, Colonel Timothy Leather handling the bass, and Steven “Your Uncle” Dodds on drums and percussion, are all guilty of past mischief of course, and continue to merrily take the underground bluegrass world into uncharted territory! pbbs_cbryan-davis-photography-web

Join us today as we celebrate the release of The Pine Box Boy’s new album, The Feast of Three Arms! We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long (unless a UTFH repeat is airing) on 420Radio.org!

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The Feast Of Three Arms Track Listing:
1. Introduction
2. Mama Had A Third Arm
3. It’s Comfy in My Coffin
4. That Boy is Trouble Pt. II
5. Parmalene
6. Crow Feathers
7. I Killed the Band
8. Our Christian Duty
9. Mighty, Mighty Preacher
10. The Judge
11. Rise
12. Dog Named Death
13. Meet My Wife
14. Blameless
15. Rushee Roo-let
16. The River
17. Bury Me



10/15/2016 The Hideaway Bar and Grill – Sacramento, CA
10/29/2016 Six Rivers Brewery – McKinleyville, CA
11/04/2016 The Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA *Record Release Show
11/05/2016 Knights Ferry General Store Saloon and Grill – Oakdale, CA



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