Oct 282016


The music business world has changed! As mounting expectations lie submerged within a growing fog, the industry is undergoing a marked transformation following the rapid growth of Canna-Business, and who better to sound off about that better than Testament? The San Francisco Bay area thrashers are back again with the release of “Brotherhood of the Snake” (Nuclear Blast Records) featuring 10 new tracks drawn from an influential career spanning three decades of consistent, powerful, thrash metal dominance. Sitting on successful sales exceeding 14 million worldwide, and regarded as falling within the upper echelon of metallic leaders, 2016’s “Brotherhood of the Snake” has become a legacy trip with a new vision that has Testament on a fresh, new path!

“The first record is always classic because you form the band, you’re totally into it, you go through the club scene, find yourself, and write your initial album over multiple years,” explains guitarist Eric Peterson. “Then, you get signed and end up in a cycle. We took some time to do Brotherhood of the Snake, and it shows. Different influences came in. Normally, there are a few straight ahead thrash songs. We haven’t had this many thrash tracks since The Legacy. It’s a new era.”

Testament has remained consistent, withstanding years of industry change. Bursting onto the thrash music scene in the mid-80’s with still-to-this-day favorites like “The Legacy”, “The New Order” and “Practice What You Preach,” the band grounded their roots within the scene and never looked back! Generated by a riff-and-shred heavy dual guitar attack, forceful and melodic vocals, all undercut with mellifluous rhythms and combined with a consistent onslaught of powerful drum beats, fans can be assured “Brotherhood of the Snake” encompasses the same energized spirit that has always led Testament toward new highs!

“If a Testament fan knows our history or has followed our last couple of records, they’ll hear the progression,” frontman Chuck Billy continues. “Everything is right there and in-your-face. That’s the way it should be with us.”

On the surface, Testament is back with another outstanding effort! Underneath, Testament will always be back with another outstanding effort! Go ahead and try for yourself, hit IT!

Join us today as we celebrate the release of TESTAMENT’S new album, “Brotherhood of the Snake!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long (unless a UTFH repeat is airing) on 420Radio.org!

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“Brotherhood of the Snake” track listing!

  1. Brotherhood of the Snake
  2. The Pale King
  3. Stronghold
  4. Seven Seals
  5. Born In A Rut
  6. Centuries of Suffering
  7. Neptune’s Spear
  8. Black Jack
  9. Canna Business
  10. The Number Game


Enjoy “Brotherhood of the Snake” official lyric video below