Aug 042017

It’s been so hot in Portland lately, I wore my Birkenstock’s to Slough Feg last night, August 3rd and I didn’t even give a fukk. The extreme heat even forced vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi to unbutton his blouse midway during the set! In other local news, it’s nice to have the Tonic Lounge, metallically disrupted for a short period in failed fashion by the TV show – Bar Rescue, back to their previous Tonic Lounge name and existence. Great to welcome Slough Feg, visiting legalized Portland Oregon for a night of Rock in support of the release of their brand new…. enamel pins? Either way, the band did not disappoint so we decided to write a few words in support of my bad phone pictures!

Recently signed in 2017 for a second journey to Cruz Del Sur with a new album announcement in the form of, “The New Organon”, according to reports set to have been recorded in July, the band visited Portland for a night to work, rework, and rock new and old tunes. And to promote, new enamel pins! With a introduction to an empty stage and no sign of the band on que, Slough Feg featuring vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi, guitarist Angelo Tringali, bassist Adrian Maestas and what seemed to be a new drummer took the stage, on their own que.

Never seeing Slough Feg before, the band’s collective high energy and enormous guitar structures and harmonies from underrated guitar duo, Scalzi and Tringali defiantly stuck out! Throughout their longstanding career known as a Metal band subjected by Sci-Fi subject tendencies, it’s clear the bands continued mission is still on pace in similar vain. The new songs scattered throughout the set, felt of the usual underlying Celtic tone, but translated as a heavier blend for Slough Feg, possibly ignited by the thrash style play from the new drummer addition. With a few technical issues like, getting shocked every time Scalzi sang by the microphone, drum sequence song timing, or a few excited grizzlies from the crowd consuming guitarist Angelo Tringali stage space, the band signaled to Portland that Slough Feg are indeed ready for the future! I didn’t see a set list! Fun show!!!

Urb Thrasher