BigDaddyFink's funk master. Kickin' out all the funky hot grooves you can handle. If the record starts skippin'. Don't be trippin', baby. It's always a party at the Funky Roller Rink.

Mar 292014

Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink S03 EP11 “Funk in Motion (move on)”

Kickin’ out the funky jams that keep you movin’ on. Enjoy – Big Daddy Fink

Setlist for S03 EP11 “Funk in Motion (move on)”

  1. Black Heat ‎- No Time To Burn
    No Time To Burn
  2. Redbone ‎- Come And Get Your Love
  3. The Dramatics ‎- Get Up And Get Down
    Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
  4. Commodores ‎- Rise up
  5. The Salsoul Orchestra ‎- Getaway
    Magic Journey
  6. Dr. John, The Night Tripper ‎- What Goes Around Comes Around
  7. Willie Hutch ‎- In and Out
    The Very Best Of
  8. Soul Children ‎- Move Over
    Soul Children
  9. Clarence Carter ‎- Snatching It Back
  10. The Soul Searchers ‎- Blow Your Whistle / Funk To The Folks
  11. Sly & The Family Stone ‎- Stand!
  12. Society’s Bag ‎- Let It Crawl
  13. United 8 ‎- Ain’t It Good / Getting Uptown (To Get Down)
  14. The Hues Corporation ‎- Rock The Boat
    Freedom For The Stallion