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  • by NORML
    "Whether or not one supports marijuana legalization, Americans should be outraged at these overtly undemocratic tactics, and the Court should reject them.” The post Mississippi: Supreme Court Hear Oral Arguments in Challenge to Medical Marijuana Vote appeared first on […]
  • by NORML
    “Steve’s vision helped to transform the mainstream narrative surrounding cannabis,” said NORML’s Paul Armentano. “That transformation played a major role in the policy successes we enjoy today, and it will continue to pay dividends going forward. His efforts and […]
  • by NORML
    Former NJ Attorney General to be Nominated to Lead Agency The post NORML Comments on Biden’s Pick for DEA Administrator appeared first on NORML.
  • by NORML
    “New Mexico joins an ever-growing list of states that have realized the failures of marijuana prohibition and the harms it brings to their communities and citizens." The post New Mexico: Governor Signs Marijuana Legalization, Automatic Expungement Measures into Law […]
  • by Carly Wolf, NORML State Policies Manager
    Welcome to the latest edition of NORML's Weekly Legislative Rooundup, on the blog every Friday! The post Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/9/21 appeared first on NORML.
  • by Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition
    Locals in Delaware are tangling with corporate, multi-state medical marijuana permit holders to pass a bill for full legalization. The post Delaware: Cannabis Activists Take on Corporate Marijuana, Patients Stage Boycott appeared first on NORML.
  • by Jenn Michelle Pedini, NORML Development Director
    Virginia becomes the first southern state to legalize the possession and use of marijuana by adults. The post Virginia: Legalization of Adult-use Marijuana Takes Effect July 1, 2021 appeared first on NORML.
  • by NORML
    “At 100 percent of the recreational marijuana outlets visited, the pseudo-underage patrons were required to show age identification to enter." The post California: Study Finds 100% of Marijuana Retailers Compliant with State’s Minimum Age Laws appeared first on NORML.