RIP VIP Memorial


VIP MemorialThese folks were members and friends who have passed to the beyond. They will be dearly missed.

  • spliffyavatar
    – (Moderator), (Moderator), (Moderator), (Senior Moderator), The Wolf’s Den (Moderator) & The Russ Belville Show/ listener/member.
  • katiespawavatar
    – Who was a Russ Belville Show/ member, dear friend of the site & devoted listener
  • SteveVeteranAvatar
    – Who was a member, dear friend of the site & devoted listener.
  • Chris Stere0typ3 Hanley
    Chris “Stere0typ3” Hanley – Who was an original Chat Moderator and charter VIP Member.
  • Big Jim DeMent RIP
    Big Jim – Who was a marijuana activist in Alabama and a huge supporter of The Russ Belville Show and the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour.
  • DSCN3070
    Rob “Graaywolf” Denman – Who was an original fan of 420RADIO before it was 420RADIO.  Our head moderator, proprietor of Graaywolf’s Den, and dedicated activist who helped legalize marijuana in Colorado.  This picture is from a live The Russ Belville Show performed at Graaywolf’s home.
  • Toz420 – Who was an Oregon marijuana grower and longtime fan of The Russ Belville Show and NORML SHOW LIVE.
  • Alan Caruthers
    Alan Clayton Caruthers
    – Who was instrumental in the activism work of NORML of Waco Inc.