My Show on 420RADIO


420RADIO is listener-supported marijuana legalization public radio… and by “public”, we mean YOU, fellow cannabis consumer!  Yes, you can have your own show playing on 420RADIO!  Best of all, it’s low cost and you can advertise within your show and receive 100% of those proceeds!  We can then put your show into our replay lineup, where it is heard live on Ustream and TuneIn, and uploaded to iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube for on-demand listening.

First you need to decide whether your show will be a video or audio show.  Audio shows are generally easier and cheaper to produce.  Second, you need to decide whether your show will be live or pre-recorded.  Live shows tend to take less effort, but require more preparation and talent.  We will continue these instructions as if you’ve chosen a pre-recorded audio show, then we’ll explain the differences if you wish to add video or go live.


You are going to need a decent computer and if you are reading this online on your own computer, you’ve already got that.  Most modern PCs and Macs, even the cheap ones, have enough processing power and audio equipment on board to handle creating an audio show.  Check your computer for two circular 1/8″ jacks – one should be for headphones (or “line out”) and another should be for microphone (or “line in”).  Alternately, you can use a headset with a USB jack, like many people use for Skype or Facetime.

If you are interested in having two or more voices simultaneously on your show or adding in recorded or live music into your show, you may wish to consider buying a small mixing board and some real professional mics.  At just about any musical pawn shop you can find microphones for $50 (I recommend a Shure SM-58) and a mixing board for $200 or less.  Computer stores may have USB versions of mixing boards as well.  This setup is almost required if you’re going to be doing a live show.


There is a fantastic piece of open source, free software you can download called “Audacity” for the Windows platform.  ”GarageBand” is a great software for the Mac platform.  These software allow you to record your mic inputs as “WAV” files – soundwaves you can see onscreen for editing and moving around.  You can also drag-n-drop in MP3 files for music or pre-saved bits of audio like sound effects, commercials, or interviews.  There are plenty of tutorial videos on how to use these pieces of software.

You can use Audacity or GarageBand or some similar program to record your show live or to record segments and stitch them together as a recording.  Either way, at the end of the process you’ll export your file to MP3 format.  Then you’ll upload your MP3 file to 420RADIO, where you also write your own post about the episode.  Our automated servers can then upload the file to iTunes for podcast downloaders, tweet the new upload to our @420RADIOorg followers and your Twitter followers, post the upload to our 420RADIOorg Facebook and your Facebook,  and (depending on your subscription) add it to our 420RADIO replay schedule.


Doing a video show is much more complex.  If you wish to run live video with graphics, you’ll need some cam switching software, like ManyCam or WebCamMax, which can cost about $59.   You’ll need cameras, whether they are USB web cams or DV cams that run on FireWire.  Recording video will require some encoding software, like the free Flash Media Live Encoder.  The file you create will need to be converted to a web-friendly format, using some kind of video formatting software.  Storing huge video files will take a large hard drive.  Uploading them will require quite a bit of bandwidth.  Some video platforms, like YouTube, can provide a lot of this for you if you record on their system.  Unless you are very familiar with all of this, it is not recommended to try a video show as your first show.

I’m ready – let’s do this!

OK, in order to use our system, you will need to create an account and log in.  Then, use our contact form to let us know you want to host a show.  You need to think about the format of your show – will you just be talking?  Do you wish to do interviews?  If you’re going to use music, remember that you cannot use licensed music (generally, if you’ve heard of the artist, it’s licensed) without paying licensing fees (Google “podsafe music” to find out what you can use).  How long will your show be (we’ll only replay one hour of it) and how often will you record it (we’ll only play one show per week)?  Will you include advertising and sponsor messages?  What is your logo and tagline?

Next, you need to decide what level of promotion you want for your show from 420RADIO.  We’d recommend using the Bronze option for your first ten shows, just to prove you can manage the commitment and work through the kinks of learning how to podcast.  Once you’re rolling, consider upgrading your 420RADIO subscription to get fuller exposure for your show:

420RADIO Service Silver VIP
Gold VIP
Platinum VIP
Adamantium VIP
Show MP3 File Hosting YES YES YES YES
420RADIO Blog for Show YES YES YES YES
Automatic Show Upload to iTunes  YES YES YES YES
Automatic RSS Feed for Show  YES YES YES YES
Email Tech Support from 420RADIO  YES YES YES YES
Telephone Tech Support from 420RADIO YES YES YES
Automatic Twitter/Facebook Postings YES YES YES
420RADIO Replay Airings (3/week)* YES YES YES
420RADIO Show Advertisements YES YES YES
420RADIO Replay Airings (Primetime + 3/week)* YES YES
Inclusion on certain 420RADIO Promo Material YES YES
420RADIO Recorded Video Show YES YES
420RADIO LIVE Video Show* YES
Inclusion on 420RADIO Banner YES

*420RADIO makes changes to the show schedule at the beginning of even-numbered months.  Your show may not be scheduled until then.