As your cannabis community radio station, we produce live radio shows and replay podcasts from our friends around the world.  To get your show in our replay lineup use our Contact Form. To learn when these shows currently replay on, check our Schedule. Program Guide (as of July 1, 2015)


The Russ Belville Show
Russ Belville
Portland, Oregon
The Russ Belville Show is the net’s most comprehensive news program, featuring headlines, in-depth news analysis, new music, timely interviews, and Radical Rants from one of America’s most prolific reformers.
Toker Talk Radio
Russ Belville
Portland, Oregon
Toker Talk Radio is The Voice of the Marijuana Nation – America’s #1 daily call-in show for the cannabis community, featuring politics, comedy, music, and videos with the RoLLaJaY Studios crew.  Call in live at 84-420-RADIO or 971-533-7111 or Skype: RadicalRuss
The New Viper Hour
“Radical” Russ Belville
Portland, Oregon
Take a trip back in time to the early 20th Century origins of 420 culture with the reefer jazz of greats like Cab Calloway and Louis Armstrong, as well as movie nights featuring anti-drug propaganda like “Reefer Madness”.
Electric Bob’s Boogaloo
Electric Bob
Scottsdale, Arizona
Electric Bob expands The Russ Belville Show’s Electric Tuesday into a full show featuring the best in electronic dance music and experimental music.
Gordon Green’s Music Planet
Gordon Green
Around the World
Gordon Green has been traveling the world for more than 20 years, discovering and collecting great music along the way. His mix of eclectic sounds from around the globe prove that you don’t have to understand the words to enjoy the music. For Inquiries, questions or more information about the artists or music, email
Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink
Big Daddy Fink
Atlanta, Georgia
Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink is an animated show taking you back to the days of bell bottoms and roller disco, featuring the best funk, soul, and R&B music with your host, Big Daddy.
Urb Thrasher Flower Hour
Urb Thrasher & “Radical” Russ
Portland, Oregon
Urb Thrasher Flower Hour is two hours of unrestrained rock, metal, punk, and alt-country music, interviews, concert bootlegs, and sports with America’s Hardest Rocking Marijuana Activist Stoner, Urb Thrasher.

420RADIO Replay Partners

The Activism Hour
The latest information uploaded by the premiere national and local drug policy reform organizations and media outlets, including state and local chapters of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Matthew Kind

Each week CannaInsider takes you behind the scenes and interviews the movers and shakers in the cannabis industry. Hear their thoughts on everything from where the industry is going to what the best opportunities are right now.
Denton Ramsey
Waco, Texas
CannaTruths is your premier source for cannabis related news and events around the US and world.  Denton is a writer for over 15 years and a cannabis activist.  He began CannaTruths in December 2011.
Drug Truth Network – Century of Lies
Dean Becker
Houston, Texas
Pioneering marijuana radio activist Dean Becker continues his illustrious career, interviewing reform luminaries on his “Century of Lies” and “Cultural Baggage” shows from Pacifica’s KPFT in Houston.
Drug Truth Network - Cultural Baggage
Dean Becker
Houston, Texas
Pioneering marijuana radio activist Dean Becker continues his illustrious career, interviewing reform luminaries on his “Century of Lies” and “Cultural Baggage” shows from Pacifica’s KPFT in Houston.
Drug Policy Facts
Doug McVay
Portland, Oregon
Hosted by the editor of Drug War Facts, this show is a wealth of information for seekers of truth in the drug policy debates.
FREE WEED from Danny Danko
Danny Danko
Brooklyn, New York
HIGH TIMES Magazine’s Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko answers reader questions and discusses grow tips, security do’s and don’ts, and reports on the latest HIGH TIMES events.
The Full Melt
Steve Greene
Detroit, Michigan
The Full Melt is a full-service, live, daily radio talk-show hosted by Steve Greene – a long veteran of both broadcasting and cannabis. The Full Melt Show is nationally focused and has high-profile, national guests routinely on the air relating to current news or events.
Green Stream Radio
Grandma Cat, Tim Me, & On 1
Olympia, Washington
Green Stream is bringing you the latest development in legalization in Washington State straight from the state capitol, plus on-site shows at emerging cannabis clubs and hempfests.
Harm Reduction Radio
Kenneth Anderson
New York, New York
This series interviews experts in the addictions field, with a focus on evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to substance abuse problems
The Hash
Leah Rose, David Bienenstock, David Downs, Justin Richmond, & Ben Manilla
San Francisco, California
The Hash is a new podcast that’s elevating the discourse around cannabis. Every other week, the cast of The Hash dishes out a smart, eclectic mix of breaking news, fresh music, exclusive interviews, advice and commentary for a national and international audience.
Hemp Beach TV
The Secret Hemp Beach
Skunk and his crew bring you the best festivals and events from all over the country in this weekly show, courtesy of Hemp Beach TV.  Entertaining video and lots of fun for the 420-friendly party crowd.
Hemp Radio
PatiCakes, Kandice Hawes
Orange County, California
PatiCakes, the Queen of Cannabis, and the crew of Hemp Radio are all veterans of Southern California medical marijuana activism.
The Human Solution International
Joe Grumbine
Southern California
The purpose of The Human Solution is to support each other through the trials we face as cannabis consumers and spread educational information about cannabis.
Jorge Cervantes TV
Jorge Cervantes
Barcelona, Spain
The author of the best-selling books in marijuana horticulture has dropped the disguises and brings you pro indoor and outdoor grow tips from the European masters.
Marijuana Compassion & Common Sense
Lanny Swerdlow, RN (bio)
Inland Empire, California
Lanny Swerdlow is one of the top nurses in the field of cannabis medicine.  Join Lanny and his co-hosts every week as he brings his knowledge and tenacity to Southern California less weed-friendly area of San Bernardino and the Inland Empire.
Marijuana Today
Kris Lotikar
Boulder, Colorado
Marijuana Today is the most in-depth discussion and analysis of the current state of marijuana business and politics.  Featuring guests from the top activism, lobbying, and business organizations working to perfect marijuana legalization in the United States.
Medical Marijuana Radio
Larry Love
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Larry Love is reporting on the latest national news and studies concerning medical use of cannabis, with interviews of experts and policy analysis.
Planet Green Trees
Michael Komorn
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The best resource for everything related to Michigan medical marijuana with your host Attorney Michael Komorn.
Pot Stock Radio
Eric, Ry, & Trace
Franklin, New Jersey
We are the voice of and for the legal marijuana and hemp financial sector. We interview CEO’s and leaders of publicly traded companies related to American and Canadian Cannabis.
Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Pot.TV is Canada’s network for cannabis-related programming, including The Redbeard Show, The Mernahuana Zone, The Weed Guy, Urban Grower, and more.
Stoner Jesus
Stoner Jesus
Stoner Heaven
One of the net’s most popular marijuana comedy shows is very politically incorrect and certainly not safe for work, but is also absolutely hilarious.
Stoney Sundays
Coral Reefer
San Francisco, California
Cannabis patient and activist Coral Reefer is one of the most popular marijuana personalities on YouTube. Her Stoney Sundays and News Nugs entertain and educate the young adult audience.
Weed Nerd
Emerald Triangle, Northern California
One of the internet’s most popular grow shows is on 420RADIO! Pick up grow tips from the master behind multiple award winning strains from Team Green Avenger.
Weedsday Wednesday
Tumbleweeds Health Center
Tucson, Arizona
A live medical cannabis radio show! Interviews, news, strain reviews, product reviews and information about anything and everything medical marijuana!