Mar 292014

Big Daddy Fink’s Funky Roller Rink S03 EP11 “Funk in Motion (move on)”

Kickin’ out the funky jams that keep you movin’ on. Enjoy – Big Daddy Fink

Setlist for S03 EP11 “Funk in Motion (move on)”

  1. Black Heat ‎- No Time To Burn
    No Time To Burn
  2. Redbone ‎- Come And Get Your Love
  3. The Dramatics ‎- Get Up And Get Down
    Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
  4. Commodores ‎- Rise up
  5. The Salsoul Orchestra ‎- Getaway
    Magic Journey
  6. Dr. John, The Night Tripper ‎- What Goes Around Comes Around
  7. Willie Hutch ‎- In and Out
    The Very Best Of
  8. Soul Children ‎- Move Over
    Soul Children
  9. Clarence Carter ‎- Snatching It Back
  10. The Soul Searchers ‎- Blow Your Whistle / Funk To The Folks
  11. Sly & The Family Stone ‎- Stand!
  12. Society’s Bag ‎- Let It Crawl
  13. United 8 ‎- Ain’t It Good / Getting Uptown (To Get Down)
  14. The Hues Corporation ‎- Rock The Boat
    Freedom For The Stallion