Jan 202017

covernoresize1480710291973926lopan1480710291973926Pure as gold! Labeled in the Stoner Rock world for most of the bands course, perpetually pushing the core of diverse Rock boundaries, Columbus, Ohio standouts, LO-PAN, have struck gold with their new January 13th, 2017 “In Tensions” EP  release via Aqualamb Records. Featuring clean and powerful vocals, the addition of another guitar adding deeper riffs, and the soulful delicate artistry the band consistently paints on every release to date, it seems no what matter member or label changes, LO-PAN is formulated through a structured balance, and it’s gold! Made up with five blistering tracks demonstrating even more potential growth for the band in the Rock world, “In Tensions” is a rollover EP, in the sense once listened just isn’t enough forcing a repeat with almost every listen! Watch for the band to steadily tour “In Tensions” through out 2017, including joining many amazing bands at this years Maryland Doom Fest!maryland-doom-fest-pstr

Join us today as we celebrate the release of LO-PAN’S new album, “In Tensions”!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long (unless a UTFH repeat is airing) on 420Radio.org!

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