Sep 232016

allegaeon72proponent-for-sentience-3000x3000band72_mg_1855-2A new level is upon us! As Heavy Metal continues to sort out it’s path within an impassive mainstream music world, the birth of a metallic new day is always one band away. One band such as legalized Fort Collins, Colorado’s scientific heavy metal suppliers, Allegaeon, who combine colorful hits of classical sensitivity, progressive orchestral discord, and endless blasts of power, all embedded within extremely complex, tangled and calculatedly heavy music.

Releasing their brand new, concept album “Proponent for Sentience” via Metal Blade Records today (September 23rd), the album’s destined to be an instant addition to many Heavy Metal album-of-the-year publication lists, boasting 12 gripping tracks including a highly successful cover of Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famers Rush’s progressive 1980’s rock classic, “Subdivisions!”

Said lead guitarist Greg Burgess, “When Riley said let’s cover a prog band, it was like, ‘Now you’re talking!’ I’m a huge Rush and Yes fan, and I think Brandon jumped at playing Neil Peart. It’s a hard thing to arrange Rush and keep the spirit of the original intact. They’re like, a sacred band, you don’t want to mess with it too much. However, we’re a metal band so we had to change a few things to make it fit our style, and I think we managed that.”

Allegaeon is scheduled to play at this year’s Ozzfest Meets Knotfest: San Bernardino, CA (Saturday, September 24th) and will be hitting the road this winter with Battlecross and Necromancing the Stone! When you’re ready to take that next level step, look no further than Allegaeon!tour-pstr

Join us today as we celebrate the release of the new Allegaeon album, “Proponent for Sentience!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long (unless a UTFH repeat is airing) on!

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Allegaeon is:
Riley McShane – vocals
Greg Burgess – guitar
Michael Stancel – guitar
Corey Archuleta – bass
Brandon Park – drum

Enjoy “Subdivisions” below:

Enjoy “All Hail Science” below: