Aug 042015
Smoke Dogg hanging with the ice sculpture.

Smoke Dogg hanging with the functional ice sculpture.

Welcome home! Things quickly turned a little hazy Friday night, July 31st, 2015 as the historic World Famous Cannabis Cafe (WFCC) relaunched their smoking lounge for the third go-around, this time at a new location under newly-legalized Oregon skies. Located at NE 7958 SE Foster RD in Portland, the night saw huge success and featured a functional, sculpted ice bong to commemorate the debut. Founder and owner Madeleine Martinez, also currently a national NORML board member, opened her first (some say the very first) Portland-based cannabis cafe back in 2009, and judging by the turnout Friday night, it appears that the third time really is a charm. The newly remodeled WFCC opened to a large and enthusiastic crowd of eager patrons with opening music provided by GAEA, followed by the electric funk of Mack and Dub and the Smokin’ Section.

Madeline Martinez of the WFCC!

Madeline Martinez of the WFCC!

Spacious living room!

Spacious living room!

The spacious building is 2500 square feet with the main “living room” area detailed by a stage, about 15 booths and tables for lounging, a custom-made dab bar, and even a soon-to-be-completed Hemp Museum! The WFCC also boasts a conference room available for party reservations, and a fully-stocked snack bar complete with nightly dinner choices. There is a modest $10 cover charge, easy ground-floor wheelchair access, and a shared parking lot in the back. Upon entering the WFCC, you can always look forward to a friendly “Welcome Home” from the experienced staff, and you might even get a glimpse of the Smoke Dogg himself.

The community was out in full force for relaunch night, which also included the Happy Daddy Products crew, Kush Creams, Mz Jill from TGA Subcool Seeds, Sirius Extracts, School of Pot, Marijuana Max, my new friend Mr-Greene, and too many others to mention, all coming together to celebrate a thriving cannabis community noticeably re-energized following the passage of Measure 91. Plenty of dabbing, smoking, chatting, dancing, and celebrating was shared by all. Frankly, no one cared if you were there to partake medically or for recreation. With a great night in the bag, I left around 11:00pm with patients, stoners, potheads and tokers all still arriving to welcome the much-anticipated World Famous Cannabis Cafe – HOME!

The WFCC is open Monday and Tuesday 3:00pm-9:00pm, Wednesday features stoner bingo from 1:00pm-3:00pm, followed by open hours from 3:00-9:00pm and Thursday-Saturday hours are 3:00pm-close! Sundays the WFCC is closed, although third party renting is available! By the way, when is Stoner Rock night?

Mack & dun and the Smokin Section!

Mack & Dub and the Smokin’ Section!

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